Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tips for Cast-On

Here's a few tips for cast-on:
-No matter what the method hold both of your needles together and form your stitches over both. This will give you a nice loose stitch that is easy to work into and looks good. It will stretch appropriately and will look good into the project, even pre-blocking.

- Using the long-tail cast on? Try rounding the number of stitches you have to the nearest 10 place and divide in half. Measure out that number in inches of yarn and that should give you enough yarn for your tail without running out. (for metric knitters, multiply your number by 2.5cm as 2.5cm is equal to 1 inch)

- Do you want to have enough tail to weave in as you work your first row? Measure out ten more inches and that should stretch across the first row of your work. When you stretch out the work at blocking time the end will then be hidden from view as it slides neatly behind the stitches of the first row.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Let me know what other cast-on tips you have in the comments. Also, let me know what you would like to see tutorials on as we progress!

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