Sunday, July 15, 2007

Next project

I would spend more time announcing this, but right now I have a lot of family here for a difficult situation. I will elaborate on details more next week.

Our next project will be a top (sweater, etc) to be started on August 1.

Also, with the next project there will be a contest.

We are still accepting members if you all know anyone who would like to join us.



Sherry G said...

Sounds good to me! I've got a sweater all picked out: Plain Vanilla from KnitPicks. I've never made a sweater for myself. A new experience!


JennKnitFer said...

I have a Sirdar cardigan that I have frogged so I will wait until August 1 to begin it again. Woo hoo!

knittercritter said...

Sorry to hear about the "difficult situation". Hope all works out for the best. I have several things to finish before I decide for sure what to do, but I have a number of things in mind.