Sunday, May 27, 2007

Update and Planning

I just want to say, that everyone who is keeping us updated are doing beautifully and I am so proud of you all to be completing projects that are for yourself.

I'm trudging away slowly and should have some extra knitting time next week, besides just my five minutes a day. As there are only a few more pattern repeats on the needles at this time I'm going to refrain from taking a new picture at this time.

I hope to take some time to comment on each of your projects soon and look forward to seeing you all with them.

Other than that, there is not much news to report for the KAL right now. As always, contact me for anything you may think of concerning the KAL.

I now want to ask if you all would help me start thinking of our next project. Leave a comment or an email with what you would like to work on so that we can vote on it during the month of June. The next project will be announced in July so that you can swatch and prepare for it before the August cast on.

Looking forward to hearing the ideas.

Take care all!


1 comment:

knittercritter said...

Thank you for taking all the time and effort to post the lifeline tutorial. Great job! I am finishing a design project for CTH Supersock and then hope to start a Shaped Feather & Fan wrap for this Kal. For August, how would everyone feel about starting a lace project that utilizes your tutorial? Or a cardigan since fall would be coming soon? There is a great lace cardigan in Knitters that I am thinking about making. I think everyone deserves their own hand crafted sweater.